Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Earth Hour, Christchurch, Bad for climate change

So this “event” got me by surprise I only found out about it at about 2:30pm on the day, by a huge front page article in the Christchurch Press. with a tag-line along the lines of “Help fight climate change by turning off your lights for 1 hour” First thing I though was wait a secound “Isn’t the South Islands power supply 100% green? doesn't this make the whole ‘Earth Hour’ thing pointless if it’s to help fight climate change”
so you gotta ask your self “are candles or light bulbs running on 100% green energy better for climate change?”

So that is were it started.

Also in the news paper It stated “we hope to save 5% the same amount as what 172(give or take can‘t remember the exact figure) Households use in a week”

I have to ask you what do they mean by this?

I assume and is backed up by the Wikipedia article that this is the amount of power saved within the hour. so 5% over an hour? what’s that 0.2% saving over the day? and the event happens once a year that’s 0.0005% a year in saving of power. wow we have done alot for climate change as 0.0005% of Zero is still zero plus the added CO² and CO (carbon monoxide poisonous gas[leave your window open to stop your self from getting poisoned]) emissions form the candles. I think we’re at a loss here Jimmy.

Now I love this “marketing tactic” they take some relevant value “5%” and twist it
in to something irrelevant “172 households use in a week” look at it this way 172 households out of what a city with a population of 414,000 and we are not talking about a week we are talking about 1 hour out of 8760 in a year. and in the end it still is only 5% saving over the hour 0.2% saving over the day and 0.0005% saving over the year.

to put it in proportion you could save 1% (10% saving an hour, 4 hours a day, and 365 days a year) of power usage a year using power saving light bulbs that’s 200,000% (2oo×) more saving. but no one want’s to give up there incandescent light do they?

Earth hour is propaganda to make you think you doing something for climate change, it's a fad and the ‘in’ thing to do as long as it doesn't interfere with everyday life, because you don't need the lights on to watch Survivor.

all I have to say people is if you actually want to help fight climate change start thinking for yourselves and stop being a sheep.

More to come when I think about it

Edit: I think this suits the situation:


Scott said...

Christchurch actually managed to save 12.2% of our lovely green power.

The only advantage I can think of, its nice practice for the next 1992.

Daniel said...

just to note in 1992 we had a large amount of snow and lost power. and 12.2% of zero is still zero

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this. I also had friends point out the following things that I haven't verified:
- Energy saving lightbulbs use more power if turned off, then on again an hour later (similar to how flourescent bulb work) than just leaving them on for the hour.
- In New Zealand the non-green power stations have two settings: on and off. When less power than usual is used it is the dams (green stations) which are turned down, all the others just keep on chugging.

I used to have a similarly ranty post in my LJ but I have since deleted it. But yeah, Earth hour is bullshit and I find it so troubling that I'm friends with people who buy into it vehemently. ;(